Rectangular 20 Rod Holder With Varied Heights


  • The base for rod receivers preassembled.
  • Only 8 screws to assemble rack.
  • Comes with locking casters.
  • Made of Marine Polymer


In response to our customer’s requests for more storage in less space!

Our new rack is a great way to store more big game rods in half the amount of space, without crowding your reels. The varied height design provides storage of twenty rods and reels in the same amount of space required for ten.  This rack design enables quick loading and unloading of rods with an inserted bungee cord to secure rods in place. Cupped recesses on the rod receivers ensure a centered fit and secure storage. The rubber wheels allow you to move your gear easily and securely plus quickly lock in place with foot tabs. Product dimensions W37″x H44″x 3/4″thick, made of marine-grade polymer.

This product ships within 2-3 days.


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